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Accounting services:

Your business is prepared to expand, but it's not large enough to have an internal accounting team or you might be a branch of a joint project that includes financial services from third parties to maintain the books of accounts and keep all stakeholders satisfied.

Our team of Accounting and Financial Services is set up to serve you with a wide range of accounting services, as well as designing to build an initial accounting system and, where appropriate, controls.

GJR Tax Consultancy Services serve our customers with financial reports in a timely and precise manner, a commitment that we believe cannot be undermined. Relevant, well-organized financial reports ensure that the business processes are run on a continuous basis more effectively. Our business services offer a complete range of accounting services that are cost effective.

Including the following:

1. General ledger & financial statement preparation (including non-profit, governmental & homeowner associations).

2. Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual).

3. Accounting system setup for new businesses.

4. Computerized payroll services.

5. Business tax return preparation

6. Personal financial statements.

7. Litigation support.

8. Accounting software selection and implementation.

Accounting Services


A rising number of businesses outsource their accounting assignments to specialist suppliers in today's demanding business environment. An outsourcing partner like as GJR Tax Consultancy Services will produce superior results and reduce costs, while helping you to concentrate on improving your business areas of focus.

To ensure that you have tax-ready financial statements when you need them the most, GJR Tax Consultancy Services gives a complete range of accounting services. By selecting us as your Financial Services partner, you use professionally delivered paper-free bookkeeping and accounting services with the utmost protection and confidentiality with the shortest turnaround period.

Service Portfolio - Our Specialized Accounting Services:

GJR Tax Consultancy services expertise in knowing the exact needs of customers and designing a tailor-made approach that best fits their different business needs. By serving a complete range of services, which includes the accounting & financial needs of Indian customers.

We cater to:

1.General Accounting and Bookkeeping Facilities Day-to-day bookkeeping planning and management and monthly or quarterly reports, where we serve as the bookkeeper for accounting. To ensure data correctness and quicker outcomes, our experts use common bookkeeping and accounting software platforms.

2. Financial report preparation-The preparation of the annual accounts for the formal annual audit. Our services include:
    o Financial Reports
    o Financial Statement Preparation
3. Tax Returns Preparation-Annual tax preparation, income tax and other returns. From tax collection and preparing to filing, we also facilitate everything, including preparation of tax returns, up-to - date sales tax, quarterly returns, and numerous state, county or city-based filings.
4. Payroll Services-Preparation of employee payroll statements, estimation of payment of bonuses and administration of commissions. We provide businesses of all sizes with tailor-made payroll accounting services and ensure that if you outsource payroll processing / payroll administration services to GJR Tax Consultancy Services, you never miss a tax enforcement deadline.

5. Cash Forecasting Services-Study of company cash needs and cash requirements for forecasting.

6. Debt Collection Programs-Help with debt restructuring and the taking of required legal steps.

7. Payments to creditors-Assistance to make payments to creditors while leaving the management with ultimate control.

8. Cash Management Facilities-Assistance with treasury functions such as high-interest deposits operation and reporting and current accounts.

9. E-accounting services-In this field, we have experience and can assist with all of your e-accounting functions.

10. Accounting Setup Services-With our accounting setup services, we will help you meet your business goals.

Why Outsource Accounting Services to GJR Tax Consultancy Services?

When you outsource bookkeeping accounting services to an expert outsourcing provider like GJR Tax Consultancy services, you can:-

• Get best and efficient services delivered at economical rates
• Ensure complete security and confidentiality of your financial data, as our services make use of encrypted e-mails for document upload/download.
• Benefit of accounting and bookkeeping services for banking industry small and large businesses
• Leverage the well managed resources with years of subject level experience
• Get best quality services delivered within agreed deadlines
• Get customized product solutions according to your organization needs


Choose GJR Tax Consultancy Services for High-quality Accounting Services:

GJR Tax Consultancy services believe in working with their clients as a partner and knowing their business model, job strategy, and priorities to fulfil their needs perfectly before the start of the project. Our focus is on taking constructive action at every point, so that within short timelines, you get superior results.

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner that can help you reach for excellence in your finance and accounting operations, your search ends with GJR Tax Consultancy Services Contact us to avail our accounting services to meet your requirements.

Our team will be glad to help you achieve your financial goals.

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