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GJR Tax Consultancy Services provides filing of Income Tax Returns for all types of Indian tax assesses by taking into account the different kinds of Income as per applicable enactments. We will serve our clients with the best, high quality, quick, convenient and accurate products & services. We will take feedback by consulting our clients periodically.


We are specialized in Income Tax Filing & Handling Scrutiny Assessment Services for Private Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnership Firms, Partnership Firms and Individuals (Salaried, Proprietorship Firms & Others). We help our clients in optimizing their yearly tax planning in advance and will take precautions that they meet all the mandatory statutory compliance requirements. We offer you with the possible solutions for all kinds of personal/corporate taxation system.

Income tax is an annual tax on income levied by Government of India as per Article 265 of the Constitution of India. The Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 covers that in respect of the total income of the previous year of every person, Income tax shall be liable to pay for the relevant assessment year at the slab rates prescribed by the Finance Act for that assessment year.


The Income tax Act, 1961 further roll out that for the motive behind of charging of income tax and computation of total income of all types of taxpayers. Source of Income shall be classified under the following heads of income in the Income tax return form:

1. Income from Salaries

2. Income from house property

3. Income from PGBP.

4. Capital gains on Sale of assets

5. Income from other sources, This head will cover all other items which were not covered in above 4 heads of income.


Income Tax Notices:

Generally, the Income Tax Office serves a certain type of notices (I. e. Demand /Regular assessment Sec.143 (1) /Scrutiny Assessment Sec.143 (1) /Reopen Assessment Sec.147  /Income Escaping Assessment Sec.147 or 148) which will be dealt with GJR Tax Consultancy services in a very client Friendly & a professional way in order to serve the best outcome to our reliable clients. GJR Tax Consultancy services deal with all the notices issued by the Income Tax Department by deeming the whole and sole responsibility in solving the issues raised by IT Department.

Income tax notices are sent by the Income Tax Officer for various reasons like Non filing income tax return, Defect in filing of tax return, Non Payment of tax, Non-Disclosure of certain incomes, Bulk deposit (or) withdrawal of cash without filing ITR, Bulk investment without filing ITR  (or) other instances where the tax officer requires additional information or documents. On receiving an income tax notice, there is no reason to be tensed, alarmed or frightened. However the taxpayer must take steps to understand the nature of the notice, Instructions given, the request or order in the notice and take steps to comply & proceed further for closing the assessment.

GJR Tax Consultancy Services offers a comprehensive service for Private Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnership Firms, Partnership Firms and Individuals (Salaried, Proprietorship Firms & Others) to help them maintain their tax compliance. In case you receive an income tax notice, get in touch with A Tax Expert at GJR Tax Consultancy Services to better understand & analyzes the income tax notice and determine a further plan of action. You can share a soft copy of the Income tax notice and query to

Our Tax Team can will guide you on the type of notice received and provide necessary support in helping you comply with the tax notice or order.

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